The ACPAC program has been most generously supported by Toronto Western Hospital/University Health Network and its Foundation, Industry, and tuition fees.

Relevance to Arthritis Care Provision in Ontario and Beyond

There is considerable interest globally in optimizing human health resources through development of extended role or advanced practice practitioners. The ACPAC initiative represents a rigorous approach to train and generate competent practitioners and is aligned with a current mandate to put Patients First by expanding roles of existing human health service providers to increase access to arthritis/musculoskeletal care in Ontario and beyond.

The ACPAC program is endorsed by the Arthritis Alliance of Canada, Arthritis Health Professions Association (AHPA), the Ontario Rheumatology Association, and Canadian Rheumatology Association. ACPAC program graduates are important to these groups as new models of care are being implemented.

Our Reach

ACPAC Program leadership advocate for advanced arthritis/musculoskeletal care on the following committees:

  1. Canadian Rheumatology Association Quality of Care Committee
    Lead: Dr. Amanda Steiman
  2. ECHO Rheumatology
    Leads: Drs. Amanda Steiman, Claire Bombardier, Laura Passalent, and Mandy McGlynn
  3. MOHLTC Rheumatology Working Group
    Leads: Drs. Rachel Shupak and Amanda Steiman
  4. ACPAC Special Interest Group
    Past-Chair: Leslie Soever & Research Committee Chair: Laura Passalent