Component III- Advanced Arthritis/Musculoskeletal Clinical Training

Total Hours (Part a + Part b): 160 +hours. This is based on an average 3-4 hours/clinic x 6-8 clinics/month x 9 months = 160 hours minimum)

Goal: To effectively learn and apply the most current clinical concepts and knowledge that are the underpinnings of advanced rheumatology/musculoskeletal practice.

Please note that these clinics will occur at the applicant’s home institution/centre across the 10 month training period. Applicants are expected to identify supervising clinicians (specialists) whom agree to supervise and train the practitioners in the capacity of extended role practitioner. Expected competencies will be provided to the identified clinical supervisors by the medical director of the ACPAC Program.

Part a. General Rheumatology/Orthopaedic Clinics (compulsory) (80 + hours)

This module will involve attendance at 20 general rheumatology clinics, which includes a minimum of 3 JRA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) / Paediatric Orthopaedic clinics for each trainee.

Part b. Surgical and Specialty Clinics (choice of 2-4) (80+ hours)

This module will involve attendance at 20 surgical/specialty clinics (2-4 of the following choices, 20-40 hours each):

  • Paediatric Rheumatology
  • Osteoporosis Clinics
  • Foot and Ankle Clinics
  • Hand Clinics
  • Upper Extremity (Shoulder and Elbow) Clinics
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis Clinics
  • Haemophilia Clinics
  • Dermatomyositis and Juvenile Dermatomyositis Clinics
  • Spine Clinics
  • Orthopaedic Arthritis Care Clinics
  • Lower Extremity (Hip and Knee) Clinics